The Prospective Flag of Hessiandom:

We at the HessianZine, present to you the prospective new flag of Hessiandom, which much like the genre itself (as noted in the article of this issue on mythos), borrows liberally a variety of virile and strong symbols from antiquity, esoteric traditions and literature, and philosophy in order to compose a system of its own artistic/religious prisms to radiate life’s vital force:

The background is red, a colour which holds nearly as much significance in metal as does black; blood (your own; whether pulsing vitally or spilling in defiance, the carcass of an animal, your foe’s) sunset and sunrise (“when the whole sky is red like blood”), the transitory decay of autumn, heralded all by the sanguine-hued shade. Fury, vitality, glorious decay and fading splendour, rising and setting…..

Atop it stands the Sanskrit letters for the word Vir, (Common in Indo-European languages, and having it’s legacy in the English words virility and virtue, via the word’s presence in Latin), meaning overflowing vitality and power in creation and destruction.

At the bottom, there stands a mountain peak, evoking an austere heroic ascendancy, the kind of which is found from Hellas to the North in depicting the place of the gods (be it Valhalla or Olympus), and stands as a challenge for those seeking transcendence.

At the centre, there is a sigil of a serpent encoiled around a sun. This sigil takes its meaning from Nietzsche’s Thus Spake Zarathustra, where Zarathustra is given by his followers a staff upon which there is exactly this symbol; the serpent signifying wisdom, and the sun signifying life, in tandem showing the pursuit of life-affirming wisdom as an ideal.

Finally, flanking the central sigil, there are wings, evoking virile flight over the Spirit of Gravity, flight to the union of devilish and holy elements (Abraxas) and thus transcendence, and the victorious nature inherent in the proud eagles of civilizations past such as Rome (as well as holding a similar place in classic and even the most exoteric metal).

May this standard exert the power present in it.